Custom Phone Grip


• Compatible for all smartphones.
• Offering a secure grip – Text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops.
• Functions as a convenient stand – Portrait and landscape modes.
• Reusable & repositionable adhesive

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    Keep your phone held high

    ClickStand is designed to keep your phone stable, steady, and safe from unintended drops

    your design

    clickit base

    adjustable arm

    3M glue sticker

    one hand free

    With ClickStand you can text or snap stable photos with one hand without thinking about it too much

    make it yours

    You can design your Clickit any way you want, with your image, text and art

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    Exclusively from minty case

    Use ClickStand in portrait mode or landscape mode.

    Reusable adhesive does all the work.  Simply stick it on your phone.

    case and never worry about dropping your phone again!

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