How do I protect my Airpods?

You can protect your Airpods by buying an Airpods case cover. This will protect your Airpods from scratches, accidental fall or drop and also water damage.

Whether you own an Airpods 1, 2 or 3 or Airpods Pro 1 or 2 case, one of your main concern should be protecting your case.

Adding an extra layer of protection can give you peace of mind and make your Airpods last for a very long time!

According to some expert reviews, when looking for a case cover you should make sure that it also has a lid to keep the case completely shut1

Another must-have feature is the metal carabiner, which can be used to hook your case to your belt, wallet or backpack2

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Is an Airpods Cover Necessary?

Ia an Airpods cover necessary? Due to the delicate nature and size of the Airpods or Airpods Pro case, a protective cover is necessary to protect the charging case from drops, scratches, water damage and more.

Below we are listing the top reasons why an Airpods cover is necessary:

  • It protects the case from scratches
  • It protects the case from an accidental fall or drop
  • It protects the case from water damage
  • It prevents from losing the case, thanks to the keyring attached
  • If customized, a case cover shows your style and personality