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Top 5 Japanese Culture Day Airpods Case Cover Designs

In this article, I am going to share the top 5 Japanese Culture Day Designs for your Airpods case cover.

By reading this article you will learn what this special day is, what is a custom Airpods or Airpods Pro Case cover and how to customize yours with the designs below.

What is Japanese Culture Day?

Japanese Culture Day, also known as Bunka no Hi”, or simply “Culture Day”, is a day held in Japan where people show respect and appreciation for the Japanese culture and the ways it influences their life.

What is a Custom Airpods / Airpods Pro Case Cover?

It is a protective cover for your Airpods Gen 1-3 or Airpods Pro 1-2 case. It’s fully customizable with your favorite photos and images and it generally comes with a keychain. It also supports wireless charging.

How to Customize My Airpods Case Cover with Japanese Culture Day Designs?

To customize your Airpod Gen 1-3 or Airpod Pro 1-2 case cover:

  1. Download your chosen design from the list below (Right Click on the image and select ‘Save Image as’)
  2. Choose your custom Airpods Gen 1-2 or custom Airpods Pro case
  3. Upload the image you just downloaded onto our product design tool

Best Airpods Case Cover Designs for Japanese Culture Day

1. I Love Sushi

t shirt design maker featuring illustrated kawaii style food graphics 4640 el1 1


2. Feeling Hot

t shirt design maker with a cartoonish japanese dish illustration 4640d el1 1


3. True Love

kawaii t shirt design maker with a ramen theme 3688a 1


4. Best Ramen in Town

t shirt design template with a kawaii style ramen bowl graphic 4640e el1 1


5. You Are Shrimply the Best

food t shirt design generator with a japanese theme 3677c 1


These top 5 Japanese Culture Day case cover designs are just some ideas to get your started but you can use any photo or image you like. Hope you like it!

Featured image and designs courtesy of placeit.net

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